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Atlas Floral Decorators is a premier event design house with over 70 years of experience and long-standing relationships with many of the renowned vendors in the industry. Atlas is celebrated for being long-established and prevailing in the ever-changing floral design industry, with a founding date of 1945. Atlas is committed to exceeding all expectations through innovative design. From our offices in Manhattan, Queens, and New Jersey we can produce events anywhere in the world.

We love getting thank-you letters from our clients who are just glowing over the fact that guests are still raving about how beautiful their flowers were. Atlas events are innovative, personalized and unforgettable. Our design philosophy is timeless elegant aesthetic with a contemporary twist. The team at Atlas never fails to provide memories that will last a lifetime through our flawless orchestration from concept to completion.

About Elliot

With more than 40 years of experience in the floral and event design industry, Elliot Atlas knows what it takes to design an innovative event from the inside out. His expertise comes from starting as an entry-level employee on the production end and working his way through the company to become President and CEO. His experience, depth of knowledge and passion for event design has led him to achieve the prestige of being one of the longest standing design companies in Manhattan and deep respect within the industry. Elliot strives to cultivate an environment of creativity and innovation among his team to remain ever-changing and current in the wedding industry. He has built very strong vendor relationships throughout the years that further benefit his clients.

Elliot is a dedicated workaholic who is very proud of the thousands of glowing testimonials from his happy clients. When he is not designing an event, Elliot enjoys spending time with his family in Long Island. In his spare time he can be found checking out the newest show in Las Vegas (his favorite is still The Beatles Love) and spending time with his new grandchildren. His guilty pleasure is perusing art galleries collecting Lalique, Romero Britto, and Andy Warhol. Elliots’ three sons Barry, Ryan, and Dylan will continue to impact the wedding industry for decades to come.

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